Friday, March 23, 2012

Who Was Saint Barbara Anyway?

I know that there are a lot of other posts that people really want to see but I'm super tired and hey, at least I'm posting something, right?

Well, last weekend (at the Paddy's Day Parade) GearĂ³id presented me with another one of his famous cards. This one was entitled "Who Was Saint Barbara Anyway?" The card got a bit beat up in my bag so the image on the front is a bit difficult to make out. Sorry about that.

The inside of the card was by far the best part because of the crazy story he came up with about Saint Barbara. Since I know there's no way that anyone will be able to read this, here is what it says (if you know How I Met Your Mother, read this in a Barney Stinson voice):

Saint Barbara was born in Seville in 1935 and moved to the USA with her parents to escape the worsening situation in Europe when she was just four. Her mother was a seamstress and as they lived in Kansas City -- "The wedding capital of the USA" -- she made a decent living making bridal gowns. In 1954, Barbara became an air hostess. In 1955 she foiled a plot to smuggle many former Nazis into America while flying the Paris-NY route. In 1956 she saved a plane full of orphans from crashing over California by repairing the flight controls with some gum and a Lou Gehrig rookie baseball card. Later that year she died while pushing a young girl to safety from in front of an oncoming bus. The orphans went on to found a city in her honour. That young girl would later give birth to Tim Tebow. Pope John Paul II made Barbara a saint in 1980. The Nazis remained in jail. TRUE STORY!

I'm not exactly sure why I received this card, but it made me smile so I thought that I would share it with everyone :)

I have a goal (that I'm not likely to meet, but you never know) that I will be up to date with this blog by the time I leave for the States on Wednesday, so expect updates soon and harass me about it via email/Facebook if I don't follow through.

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marbea said...

Best of luck with that goal!!!!!! (really - I love these posts)

your friend is quite talented

can't wait to see you