Sunday, March 25, 2012

Viking Cork Walking Tour

Next up is the walking tour of Viking Cork put on by the Archaeology Society. Most of the time it was pretty difficult to hear the guy and it was like a month ago, so I don't remember everything from the tour, but I'll give it a shot.

This is at the beginning of the tour at St. Finbarr's Cathedral. Here we heard the story of the founding of this church and the times that it was rebuilt.

Next we took a little walk down to the river.

Here it was explained how the river surrounded a marshy island that is now Cork city centre.

This arch is an old tunnel that they think runs to a different part of town.

Next we went to Elizabeth Fort, but I didn't get any good pictures of that, so, on to the park! I'm not actually sure what he said about it, but it was pretty, so yay pictures!

This is a grave slab inside of Christchurch.

Our super attentive group.

Inside of Christchurch.

Part of the graveyard.

This is the crypt. It was excavated a few years ago and some pretty great stuff was found. We were told that we'd be allowed in, but then they took it back so we could only see it from the viewing box.

After the tour we went for lunch at the cafe in the Triskel (Christchurch is now inside of the Triskel Arts Centre). This lovely flower was on our table.

Outside of the Triskel.

A few of us then decided to go get coffee across town, but on the way we stopped into the English Market for French Macaroons and oh my god, they were amazing!

After a fair bit of rain in the morning, it turned into a beautiful day!

At the coffee shop a couple of the girls ordered tea. I just loved the teapots!

So, the Viking tour post isn't that exciting. I wish that I could tell you more, but again, my memory of that morning has faded a bit. I still have some pretty cool maps and things from it though so if anyone is crazy interested in seeing them I can somehow show you copies.

Sorry that there was a delay for this post. We took an impromptu trip yesterday so I didn't really have time for the blog. Today I need to get a bit of shopping done and an assignment for class, but after that I'll work on getting another post up!

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