Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Parties!

 There have been a couple of birthdays lately so we had to celebrate!

This is at the Fran Well for Ezgi's birthday.

Blowing out the candles on the amazing chocolate muffin.

Wouldn't be a party without Julio!

The birthday girl!

Gearóid and Julio are besties.

We even got Martin to take a picture with him.

And a few of Ezgi's friends.

While it may look like we are inside somewhere we really aren't. We were sitting outside under an awning. While it was pouring rain and super windy. In Ireland. In January. SO COLD.

But I had just bought a new top so I had to show it off.

They brew their own beers here so when you're walking out the back there are kegs as far as the eye can see.

Had to get at least one picture of us looking cute.

A few days later we had a big house party to again celebrate Ezgi's birthday, as well as Sarah's housemate, Safieh. We also tacked on a Glee night to the end of the party. It ended up being massive and it was SO much fun!!

This is Melanie fixing one of the salads.

On this table there is currently a vegan salad and vegan apple crumble, AMAZING garlic butter pull-apart bread, and a Greekish salad.

And then we had TONS of homemade pizzas. I think there were like 12 or something.


And most of the people at the party are musical so we spent a lot of time sitting around, singing, and listening to people play music.

First round of pizza was ready!

Not enough plates in the house so I ended up eating salad off of a paper towel. Still delicious.

More pizzas!

The girlies :)

More singing after dinner. Ezgi got really into it hehe.

Gearóid with an entire vegan pizza to himself. Except I think that Liz and I stole some because he got good stuff on mushrooms and jalapenos.

Rolling out the last of the of the pizza dough. With a wine bottle. Classy.

We were chilling bottles of wine out in the backyard and this was the last one. So sad.

The birthday cake!

 The birthday girls!

YUM (again).

And when all of the food and drinking festivities were over, we all turned into Gleeks!

I am now officially exhausted, but at least I got two posts up tonight! Next up will be some Archaeology Society stuff I think. I'll work on getting that up tomorrow. I can totally meet this goal!

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marbea said...

It all looks very tasty, especially the salad. I never saw salads like that in Ireland.

and you all look like you're having fun!