Monday, March 26, 2012

Postgrad Ball

About a month ago we went to the Postgrad Ball! Balls are pretty common over here in college. A lot of big departments have them and sometimes colleges within the university have them. Also, if a society is big enough they'll have one. Pretty much it's just an excuse to get dressed up, dance, and drink. Super fun though. Usually they are in a hotel, but the Postgrad Society, for some unknown reason, opted to have theirs on campus, though the upside to this was that it was super cheap!

On the night of the ball we started out by hanging out at Fiona's house since she lives right across the road from the college.

Left to right we have Meghan, me, Zoe, and Susan.

This is me with Fainche, Fiona's housemate who came with us to the ball.

In this picture we have Meghan, Carmel (Zoe's friend who came to the ball), Susan, and Zoe.

Soon Gereme showed up and he actually wore a suit!! (we were quite worried about this for a while because balls have dress codes)

Me and Niamh. She's one of the phds in the department.

Fiona, Meghan, and Gereme.

Meghan trying on Gereme's suit jacket.

Us being silly and dancing on the walk over to the ball.

Got to get a picture of the Americans together.

Dancing up a storm!

Sorry about the lack of captions, but most of the pictures don't need a lot of explanation.

This will, sadly, be the only post tonight because I got home pretty late tonight. We had a guest lecture that went until past 8, then I had to come home and fix dinner, then I spent the rest of the night packing so that I wont be in a panic on Wednesday. I'll try to get more up tomorrow, but no promises because, as I alluded to in the last post, we are having an "event" tomorrow night. Nothing too exciting, just another Osteo Family Dinner, but it will suck up most of my time tomorrow (I'm making enchiladas so I'll have to do all of the prep for it in the afternoon, then finish it off over at Meghan's in the evening). I will try to get at least one post up tomorrow though, then I'll try to do a mad rush to catch up on Wednesday before I leave. We'll see. I still might make it to my goal!

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