Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Second Term

So this post is really just a bunch of pictures of different stuff we did this term that didn't warrant its own post.

The first bit is from a Sunday night out at the Star (which is now closed because they went bankrupt :( ) about a week after I got back. For a while I was a bit sick. Some sort of stomach bug. So my friends made me an awesome Get Well Soon card with a drawing of Julio on the front.

Ivan didn't really know what to make of Julio, but shook his hand anyway.

A couple of weeks later it was brought to our attention that Melanie and Caroline had never had quesadillas so Sarah and I set about to fix that.

They ate them with a fork, which is so weird, but oh well...

We went through tons of salsa.

For dessert Caroline brought a yummy cake!

These next two photos are only understandable if you watch this first:

One night Meghan had a lot of fun playing with my hair in the lab...

The Archaeology Society had a night out in January and most of us attended.

Including Julio.

This is Susan's new bestie! She is a crazy Canadian girl (who tells people that she's from America) who showed up at the society meeting with a bottle full of vodka to drink with a bunch of people she doesn't know and then by the end of the night she was asking Susan if she could move in with her and Eoin. CRAZY.

Me and Anne, an undergrad that I met on the Cashel trip.

Me, Susan, and Meghan eventually pretended to go home and fled to another bar so that the crazy girl would leave us alone.

 Another Sunday at the Star:

Sarah, Liz, and Anna-Lena.

This time Susan joined us and she is now the only one who knows my other group of friends.

This is the night that we got our Anatomy exam results back and we all passed!!

This is our famous bunny! I forget his name though. I just call him bunny. This day he was hiding out in my room while the landlord was fixing a leak in Becky and Kyle's room.

Susan came by to meet him.

So cute!

This is Susan and I before we left to go see Eoin's (her boyfriend) gig at Fred Zeppelin's.

Caroline had to leave us to go back to Austria so we had a going away party for her.

Caroline is the one that we all are holding.

For pancake Tuesday we went and got delicious filled pancakes. This one is mixed berry.

Julio and his new friend!

No idea what this was about, just random people walking through town playing instruments.

As some of you may know, while I was very healthy last term, I was perpetually sick this term, culminating in a nasty sinus infection. So, again, my friends made me a card!

Just a couple of pictures from my walk home from the lab one day.


Julio's sign says "Do you know the muffin man? Siobhan does." I have no idea why it says that and I also have no idea when this picture was taken. I think I was inside ordering coffee. I found it on my camera later.

About a week and a half ago there was a retirement party for Mick Monk, a teacher in the Archaeology department for the last 40 years. As postgrads we were all expected to attend the party even though we had spent the whole day in Dublin. Super long day, but a good party.

This is Katie. She's one of the PhD students.

This is the awesome excavation cake they made for him.

And finally, this is the new bunny! Her name is Honey (or at least that's what they were thinking of calling her).

Making friends :)

So, that officially finishes off this term and just in time for me to take a quick shower before heading off to Dublin! I did it!!!