Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ballintemple Graveyard Trip

I apologize in advance that this will be the only post up tonight. For some reason the photo uploader is going super slow and it took like an hour to get these up so I don't really have time to upload another set, but I'll work on more tomorrow. I think there are 4 posts left to get caught up (unless we do this dinner thing on Tuesday, but that's up in the air so I'm not counting it yet) and they are Postgrad Ball, St. Paddy's Day, Impromptu Road Trip to the Beach, and just random nights out and other fun stuff (including the bunny...and his new friend, the other bunny!).

So, the day after the Viking Tour of Cork a few of us decided that it would be fun to take a trip to a graveyard (this is what happens when you get a lot of osteos together, we start thinking graveyard trips are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon). Zoe knew of a cool one to go to that she goes to with her mom and sister sometimes so we went there. We don't know what it's called, but it's kind of in Ballintemple (short bus ride or moderately long walk from Cork). It's very small and totally unexpected because you're just walking down the road and suddenly there's a gate in a big wall and then there's a graveyard.

The group consisted of me, Zoe, Niamh, Susan, and Gereme.

This is actually the headstone of one of Zoe's relatives.

This one is kind of creepy because it says "This stone is H. O Neil's in memry of his 3 beloved children who..." and that's it.

Zoe reading headstones.

And did I mention that there were bones everywhere? This is a finger phalanx and a molar.

And this is a calcaneus (heal of your foot).

There were also skull fragments around, but I decided not to post them because they are a bit much for some people.

It's a little hard to make out, but these are angels on a grave.

The gate to the graveyard.

After the graveyard we decided to walk back to Cork instead of taking another bus.

For a while we walked along the river.


Just hanging out on a sculpture.

For a long time we sat and watched what we thought was the guards being called to a house to pick up a dead body (sad, I know, but there was an ambulance parked outside), but from my sneaky zoom picture taking we figured out that it was actually probably someone's mom's house because they were all standing around outside eating and drinking from mugs :)

Such a cute little house squashed between the big ones.


Turns out that this ship is full of cars they that haven't been able to sell because of the recession. It's been here for months.

After our long walk home we headed straight for a pub to finish off the day!

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Very beautiful. And plenty of bones for us to examine!

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marbea said...

heaven for osteos!

and I like it too-you know my fondness for cemeteries

love the walk back, so many of my favorite pictures were included here

not much time for more posts:)