Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paddy's Weekend

On St. Patrick's Day my friends and I met up to go see the parade and spend the day celebrating. For the first half of the day they weather was amazing. Nice and sunny. Then during the parade it started raining a bit, but it cleared up a bit again and it ended up being a great day.

Anna-Lena and Melanie at the parade.

 Gearóid, Sarah, and I.

We spotted Gereme and he ended up hanging out with us the rest of the day.

Had to get a yummy coffee on such a nice day!

Me, Melanie, Gearóid, Liz, and Gereme.

Whistle float!

Greek float! The parade was Olympic themed this year.

Julio came to the parade with us!

This guy made himself a nice seat with a view.

For lunch I went to the vegetarian restaurant with Liz and Gearóid :) 

 The rain scared a lot of people off.

But once it stopped they came back in massive numbers.

After the parade we headed down the road to a pub to watch the match (6 Nations was on Paddy's day, and for those who dont know what 6 Nations is, it's rugby finals).

When we got there we were told that the just opened the overflow bar, so we ended up getting a great set of couches to sit on to watch the match.

We even had checkers!

Eventually Ezgi met up with us.

Des successfully built this tower. He was extremely proud.

Ezgi dressed up Gereme's hair a bit.

Sadly Ireland was throttled in their match so I was making a sad face.

On the way to dinner we found this tractor parked outside of a pub on Washington Street.

For dinner we went to Cafe Gusto and I had lamb koftas in a pita. Not traditional by any means, but soooo good.

Then those of us who were left headed back to my house for what was left of my chocolate stout cake that I had made for my class the day before.

The next night we decided to actually go out (we wanted to avoid a bit of the craziness on Saturday and Monday was a bank holiday so Sunday was perfect for going out). We started the night out at Sarah's house for dinner.

Gearóid and his man-size portion.

Gearóid had just made a comment about Austria so Melanie was pretending to stab him (she's from Vienna).

Then we changed into fancy clothes to go out!

Same picture taken with two different cameras. We each only looked at our own camera haha.

Gearóid sandwich.

The ladies.

Group shot!

At the bar Gearóid was texting Susan from my phone and pretending to be Julio so we took this picture as proof.

The next day was, as I mentioned before, a bank holiday, so the celebration continued with more street fairs. These dancing bananas were awesome. They just followed people around and danced through the crowd.

My favorite sausages in Cork!


Grilled hot dogs.

There was also live music.

And while we look bundled up, it really wasn't very cold, so we went for ice cream!

So these were my adventures over St. Patrick's weekend. Very fun!

I'm still trying to get all of my posts up before I leave. I've got about 3 hours until I have to leave my house to head up to Dublin Airport and 3 more posts to go...can I do it?!?

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