Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thristy Christmas Party

There is a pub in town that we are regulars at, the Thirsty Scholar (the Thirsty to locals), and we've befriended the bartenders. We go on nights when they have live music and often go in just to talk to the people there. After a while Damien, the manager, asked us if we'd like to go to their staff Christmas party, so naturally we agreed. It was at some pub out in the middle of nowhere in Co. Tipperary and it took an hour and a half by bus to get there. The night was pretty much just one big hang out. It was definitely a good time.

Jenna was taught how to play various instruments by members of the band. She ended up sticking with the spoons for most of the night I think.

You can barely see it but they made shamrocks in the foam when you bought a Guinness at the pub.

The guy with his thumbs up is Dáithí. He's a bartender who Jenna has had a bit of a crush on for about 2 months now. After the party they started dating a bit, but I dont know how it's going because I was gone for so long.

The pub had some fun decorations.

And a juke box! We only played one song on it though because the band was there and started playing after a while.

This is Damien, the manager at Thirsty.

I dont actually know who this man was. He was a local with a cool hat who was willing to take pictures with us.

This is Patrick. He plays with the band every once in a while.

The Blue Steel! (Zoolander reference) That's Laura in the front with Aiden behind her and Martin in the back. They are a couple of locals that we met and hung out with for most of the night.

I didnt really take too many pictures that night, which was a shame because it was pretty hilarious, but we were talking to the boys for most of the time. It was definitely a great night and a really fun time hanging out with the people from the pub. We ended up baking them snickerdoodles and gave them a card for Christmas that they still have hanging in the pub.


marbea said...

Sounds like yet another good time

life in red shoes said...

I do agree with your Mom!