Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanksgiving x 2!

Since we were all over here for Thanksgiving, all of the Americans decided that we had to celebrate. My apartment ended up celebrating on Wednesday because Jenna's brother was visiting with his wife and Jenna was going to travel with them a bit on actual Thanksgiving. It ended up working out fairly well. We got to have two Thanksgivings!

Kelly brought an apple pie.

I made a green bean casserole.

Jenna made pecan pie.

Laura's family sent a bunch of stuff for us. Some of it was lights.

They also sent a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

The American cooks (minus Kelly)!

Soon the Spanish kids started turning up. Diana grabbed a picture with us.

Getting the cranberry sauce (sent all the way from the states) out of the can.


Our spread: Turkey slices (we didnt want to deal with a whole turkey so we bought sliced turkey at the English Market), gravy (which the Spanish kids had never heard of), stuffing (contributed by Matt), brown bread (contributed by Jenna's brother), mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, squash, and cranberry sauce.

After everyone ate.

Since there was food being served Joe and Liam naturally appeared. They even brought us a couple of bottles of wine since they didnt know what else to contribute.

A bunch of the Spanish kids. They contributed a couple of buckets of sangria.

And then when everyone left the clean-up crew began their work.

The next night we were invited to go to a Thanksgiving dinner where Matt and Dan were baking a turkey. It was at this girl, Sarah's, apartment. Sarah did not appreciate that we were there. She yelled at us a lot and wouldn't let us leave until we did her dishes. It was very awkward and made us super happy that we had our own Thanksgiving first.

The boys needed to come up with a game plan to figure out how to get the juice from the turkey out of the bag to make the gravy.

Eventually Dan braved picking it up. He definitely got burned.

Finally opening the bag released a great deal of steam.

Carving up the turkey.

The meat was literally falling off the bone. As soon as Matt picked up the drumstick it promptly turned itself inside out. At least it showed that the turkey was cooked well.

Evil, menacing Dan.

Wishbone time.

The very...orderly table full of food. There was turkey, gravy, mashed potatos, stuffing, "green bean casserole" (it had brocoli, cheese, and onion rings...soooo weird), and bread.

We gave thanks before we ate.

All of the people eating at the table.

We got the couch because there weren't enough seats at the table and Sarah just didnt like us.

So Thanksgiving in Ireland was pretty awesome. Ours definitely kicked butt in the enjoyable time department, as well as in side dishes, but I have to admit, the boys did very well with their turkey (and man were they proud of it). All things considered we pulled the whole thing off pretty well. It was hard not being home for the holiday, but we were with our Cork family so it was still wonderful (Sarah aside).

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marbea said...

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