Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exam Week

So, I'm heading into exam week, but the good news is that in a week I'll be done with all of that and will be on my big Christmas trip!

Tomorrow morning I have both my written and oral Irish exams. We have been studying like crazy for it and though I'm nervous about it, I think I'll be fine because I lucked out with my teacher. People from some of the other classes know almost nothing, so it makes me feel very ahead. I might as well take this opportunity to study as well as to show off my very minimal Irish skills.

One of the questions we will have is going to be about the weather in Cork. Here is what I might answer with (depending on the weather tomorrow morning):

Tá an aimsir go dona inniu mar tá sé ag cur báistí agus tá sé scamallach. Níl sé tirim agus níl sé te, tá sé fliuch agus an-fhuar ar fad.

Translation: The weather is bad today because it is raining and it is cloudy. It is not dry and it is not hot, it is wet and extremely cold.

I have no idea if the weather will actually be anything like that in the morning, but there's a fair chance that it will.

Another thing we have to do is describe a picture. Here's an example:

Tá ceathrar bean sa phictiúir. Tá siad Meiriceánach. Tá siad sa phub sa London. Tacy is ainm di. Tá Tacy donn. Tá cóta dubh agus geansaí uaine agus léine dearg aici. Tá sí ag ól an Strongbow. Laura is ainm di. Tá Laura fionn. Tá hata agus geansaí dubh aici. Tá sí ag ól an Guinness. Jenna is ainm di. Tá Jenna donn. Tá hata dubh agus geansaí dearg aici. Tá sí ag ól an Stella. Kelly is ainm di. Tá Kelly fionn. Tá geansaí agus léine dubh aici. Tá sí ag ól an Stella. Tá áthas orthu.

So, that was actually a really boring picture to do because we're all doing the same thing, but whatever.
Here's the translation: There are four women in the picture. They are Americans. They are in a pub in London. Tacy is her name (i cant differentiate between people in pictures yet unless they are doing different things). Tacy is brown-haired. She is wearing a black coat and a green sweater and a red shirt. She is drinking Strongbow. Laura is her name. Laura is fair-haired. She is wearing a hat and a black sweater. She is drinking Guinness. Jenna is her name. Jenna is brown-haired. She is wearing a black hat and a red sweater. She is drinking Stella. Kelly is her name. Kelly is fair-haired. She is wearing a sweater and a black shirt. She is drinking Stella. They are happy.

Later they will ask us about our family. I will answer with:

Tá ceathrar i mo chlann. Mé fein, m'athair, mo mháthair agus mo mhadra agam agus níl aon deirfiúr agus dearthár agam. Jeff is ainm m'athair. Is ealaíontóir é. Tá sé fionn. Marbea is ainm mo mháthair. Is altra í. Tá sí donn. Star is ainm mo mhadra. Tá sí beag agus dubh.

Translation: There are four people in my family. Me, my father, my mother and my dog and I have no brother and sister. Jeff is my father's name. He is an artist. He is fair-haired. Marbea is my mother's name. She is a nurse (that's the closest job we have learned for anything she's done). She is brown-haired. Star is my dog's name. She is small and black.

Ok, I think that's all I'll do on here. It's pretty fun, but takes way too much time to put all of the fadas in.

After my Irish exam I have 2 exams on Tuesday (folklore and Irish history) and then an essay due on Friday for Irish history. It's a lot to do, but most of it will be over on Tuesday and then I have my trip to look forward to! I'll work on putting up more pictures/updates soon!

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Anonymous said...

That's what I like to see - more studying and exams! Your party pictures are fun too. Cute costumes. Tesco Kids could become a new line of dolls or something.