Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Election Party!

This seems like forever ago at this point, but it was a fun night for us and I'm trying to get all of my stuff on here updated before I try the mammoth task of sorting through my Christmas trip pictures (there are 1345 of them).

So, we threw a huge a election party at our apartment back in November since we happen to get CNN consistently. Sadly, the party was broken up about 2 hours in by our manager lady, but a few people snuck back in and we plowed through until the election was called at 5:00 am our time. For the party we had a lot of "American" food and people were only allowed to bring American beer/wine. It worked out really well actually and we had a great time, all things considered.

This is made of digestive biscuits (sounds weird, I know, but they are suuuuper popular cookies over here...and pretty tasty to boot). Kelly frosted them and put on the Cadbury buttons. Sadly, one was lost on the way down to our apartment.

We had cake, cookies, lemon bars, and potato chips to snack on.

Laura made the donkey cake.

The boys brought pizza and beer.

Jenna made the party games.

This is John. He didnt want to get into the debate, so he went with showing off his history skills instead.

Me and Dave Didn't Die (I believe I've explained the name before, but in short, he got e-coli and didnt die). He's from SLO.

Dave Didnt Die (yup, we really do call him that each and every time we see him) and Laura.

Joe realized that we had food and came out to investigate and steal. Liam followed shortly after.

Caroline and Kelly fighting for a spot on the couch.

Toni and Kelly got pretty tired around 3:30...

But we all finally made it through until 5!

It was a fun time. In addition to the Americans, we also had a few Spanish kids, 3 Germans, 3 Danish, and Mrijan...the Nepalise/American combo. All in all, a great night!

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