Friday, December 5, 2008


Halloween over here was definitely a blast. It's nowhere near as intense as it is in IV, but I'm happy about that. I could actually walk down the street without having to dodge in and out of hordes of people. Also, unlike in IV Halloween only lasts 2, maybe 3 days over here. We went out for 2 of those days.

This is on Day 1 of Halloween. Laura was Marilyn Monroe, Jenna was an "American Gangsta," and I was a Tesco Kid (the crazy emo kids who hang out in front of Tesco all day).

Joe was a leprechaun. It was absolutely hilarious because he was wearing a costume that was made for 6-8 yr olds...and you could definitely tell.

My official emo picture.

Liam was Clark Kent. He pulled it off well.

We taught some of the Spanish kids how to carve pumpkins!

Aitor was a pirate!

Jenna and Diana with their pumpkins.

Toni was Jack Sparrow without the hair.

Flatmates picture :)

Kelly was a Christmas present.

Tono was Mario.

Left to right: Silvia, me, Laura, Jenna, Sheila, Kelly.

Diana was the Joker.

On Day 2 there was a Tesco trolley out on the terrace of the apt that we were having a party at, so naturally I had to get a picture in it.

A better picture of the Joker. All night she was passing out cards with "Why so serious?" written on them.

We found a guy in a chicken outfit on the street, so naturally there had to be a picture with him!

Jenna, Matt, and Kelly at The Bailey on Halloween night.

This is the view from the top floor of Newport, the club that we ended up at that night.

Overall Halloween was a pretty good time. We got to go out a lot and had tons of fun with everyone and for once we didnt have the party at our apt so we didnt even have to clean up the next day!

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