Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Our Boys

Six posts in 2 days. After this I apologize, but it will probably be a while before I post more because I have 1345 pictures of my trip to sort through and that will take a fair bit of time. At least I'm almost up to date!

So, we had a few very close friends over here that were, sadly, only here for the semester, so after one of our finals one night (it ended at 8 pm, ick) we all went out for one last fun night together before we went our separate ways. This ended up definitely being one of my best nights in Cork and I am going to miss these boys soooo much!

Naturally, we started out the night at Thirsty. Most of the boys went home to drop off their things so only John came with us at this point. This is him and Laura making weird faces for the camera.

After that we moved on the the Washington Inn (typically call the Wash Inn). We went here because they have karaoke on Tuesday nights, and what's a celebration without a bit of karaoke?

We started off by singing Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp.

It was here that the rest of the boys showed up. The first couple were Dan the Man and Matt.

Then Mike Dooley showed up!

He was hilarious all night.

I forget what song it was, but we signed up John to sing without telling him. He surprised us all by actually going along with it.

Singing along to Friends in Low Places.

John got pretty into it.

Finally Dave Didn't Die showed up! We ended up losing him and running into him on and off all night.

Laura had a final the next morning so she left early, but the boys were sure to say goodbye in style.

We originally were going to go to Old Oak because it's free to get in, but there was a band on the dance floor so we left and headed over to Club Classic where we had tickets to get in free. This picture was taken on the way somewhere on Oliver Plunkett.

At the club.

All I Want for Christmas is You came on so Jenna and I ran from the dance floor back over to the boys and sang to them and ended up staying and making our own dance party over on the other side of the club with them for the rest of the night.

Kisses all around!

Finally the night was over and it hit me that I wasn't going to see them again and I made it through saying goodbye to Dan (barely) and then broke down on the sidewalk saying goodbye to Mike. Being the great guy that he is he got someone to take this terrible picture of me.

So, overall this night was absolutely great. We went to some of our favorite places and hung out with our favorite people and sang and danced on the street and did karaoke and went to a club. It was wonderful and I dont know what we'll do without them!


marbea said...

You certainly find yourself good friends and it always breaks your heart to say good bye. I've watched you do this since Leyla left in 1st grade and it always makes me cry!

life in red shoes said...

Miss Tacy, you are making friends that will last a lifetime!