Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fun Video

I know I said that I probably wouldn't post much this week, but this is just a quick one.

This is this guy that we call the Curly-Haired Man. He is the singer of the 'band' that plays at Thirsty on Sunday and Wednesday nights. He is totally crazy and really fun. We're kind of befriending the band members because one of our friends, Dave Didnt Die (we call him that because he got a strain of e-coli at a shady restaurant about a week after he got here and survived it, then threw himself a party called "Dave Didnt Die" and that's where most of us met him, so the name stuck), plays with the band every once in a while. Actually, this is the pub that we go to the most and we're friends with all of the bartenders and we actually got invited to their staff Christmas party. It should be really fun. So, this is Curly-Haired man dancing.

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