Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Classmates

So, this is just a really quick post with a picture of everyone in my class. So far this is the only picture that we have of all of us at the same time (plus a couple of other MA students). This is pretty much just so that when I talk about them in the future (which I'm sure I will because we spend so much time together) you'll have some idea of who I'm talking about. 

This picture was taken at Fiona's 21st birthday party. On the far left of the picture the girl holding the can and the guy sitting right next to her with the blonde hair are Aisling and Tom and they are actually in the other MA program (MA in Excavation), but they got in our picture. As for the people in my class, starting with the blonde girl in the grey dress and going to the right: Meghan, Zoe, Gereme, Fiona and Susan is the one next to me.

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marbea said...

Oh I like this picture!. Thanks for posting, I will refer to it often.