Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cork Jazz Festival Weekend Performances

This past weekend, in addition to being Halloween, was the Cork Jazz Festival Weekend (and a long weekend because Monday was a bank holiday!). I went out a few times and got to hear a lot of really great live music, though none of it was technically jazz. The thing with jazz weekend is that if you want to hear jazz, you have to pay to go to a nice venue, but if you're just interested in some great live music, you're in luck because pretty much everything else is free! I went out on Friday, Sunday, and Monday, but I only have videos of the bands I saw on Sunday.

This first set of videos (the first 3) are a band called Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Definitely not jazzy, but they put on a good show.

After the Big Damn Band, we went to get coffee and found this band outside of the Cork Opera House. We thought that they were awesome and found out that they were playing another show at a pub later that night.

Since we only caught the tail end of their performance at the Opera House, we went out to see them again that night and they didn't disappoint! They were so much fun to watch!

The drummers showing off. Each type of instrument got to have their own solo. I took this video mostly because I loved the guy's pants.

So, this is just a little peek at Jazz Weekend in Cork. I'll try to put up a post soon with pictures from the whole weekend, including the Halloween Parade. Enjoy!

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