Sunday, October 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So, the post for Cork spans both ends of our trip. We started out here for about 4-5 days so that I had some time to move into my house and get things situated and then we ended our trip here for about 3 days.

This is the first "hostel" that we stayed in. Really it was student accommodation that they rent out for the summer as hostel rooms. It was great because we had our own (big) room and access to a sitting room and kitchen. The privacy was great because at this point I still had all of my luggage with me from moving and as an added bonus, it was just down the street from my house.

My house is super close to the lough so we went down there for a walk. As always, the birds were very intent on food.

This guy was by far our favorite. He kept following us even though we weren't the ones with the food.

We probably have like 10 versions of this picture during the night and day.

This was taken out a bus window on our way back from Youghal. Mom really wanted a picture of it.

She was also very intent on getting a picture of the dog on the Bus Eireann buses.

See? I told you we took this picture multiple times.

Inside of the English Market.

This was Mom's favorite street performer. We even bought his cd. He's really good.

The "mexican" restaurant.

The view out of our hostel window.

Walking along the river on the way to the bus station. I think that this was when we were leaving for Galway.

Fast forward about a week and a half and we're back in Cork! This is the Bru Bar & Hostel. It's a bit cramped in the rooms, but it's a great hostel.

This was Mom's favorite meal in Cork. O'Flynn's Sausages. SO GOOD. Mom also really enjoys their potatoes.

Cute building on my street. I dont know what it is or if it's even open (it never seems to be), but it's pretty cool.

On Mom's last full day in Cork we took one of the Cork Walks around the city to parts that we hadn't been to before (Shandon area...north side of the river). This was what we believe was an art exhibit outside of a gallery near the Cork Opera House.

It was open! I've never seen it open! Still couldn't bring ourselves to pay money to go inside though.

This is another hostel in town. It looks awesome, but it's pretty far from the city centre so I'm never willing to stay there.

I want to live here.

Two-way street. I swear.

Shandon Steet.

Holy Trinity Church near my old apartment.

Elizabeth Fort.

The river running through UCC campus.

The redwoods on campus.

The quad.

Celtic cross in a park near UCC.

This is a pub on College Road.

This is my street. It is two-way with parking on both sides. Again, I swear I'm telling the truth.

For Mom's last night in Cork we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Amicus.

One last shot of St. Finnbarr's

Well, I guess that's the end of my travels with Mom. We definitely had a blast and got to see some truly amazing places. I couldn't ask for a better travel buddy!

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marbea said...

Walking the streets of Cork was so fun. Littles nooks and surprising sites at most turns, Love the Mexican restaurant with the Huguenot burial site next to it! I'm sorry, but while Santa Barbara may be paradise, it's dull. Maybe I've lived here too long!

Can't wait to get back there!