Sunday, October 2, 2011


So our last real stop on our trip was Belfast. We were here last time we were in Ireland and decided to go back so that we could once again take the tour to the Giant's Causeway since the last time we were here the weather conditions were less than idea (rain, wind, sleet, snow, etc). This time we were a bit more lucky, though it was still a little rainy.

Before we made our trip to the Causeway we still had a whole afternoon and evening to spend in Belfast. We didn't have a set plan so the day primarily consisted of wandering through Belfast until we found somewhere to have dinner, and then wandering some more.

When we first left the hostel we discovered that there was a parade going on. We never did figure out what it was for, but it was definitely very fun to see.

This kid with the mohawk is definitely my favorite.

After the parade we wandered our way to the city centre where we discovered that the Belfast Wheel is no longer at city hall. Definitely glad that we did that last time we were there! (We later discovered that it is now in Dublin)

This is seriously the best taxi I've ever seen. In case you can't read it in the little picture this is what it says: Drink Feckin Responsibly. Take the Feckin Taxi. Merry Feckin Christmas. Feckin Irish Whiskey.

The huge celtic cross.

After consulting our city guide provided by our hostel we decided we'd like to try this restaurant. It's called The Barge. Super cute.

We just got appetizers (great choice because we were really full just off of these). Mom got fried chicken with apple slaw and a spicy sauce. I got mackerel with a tomato, olive, and balsamic sauce. Then we ordered a bread and oil sampler to share. It was all SO GOOD.

We also got sucked into getting a dessert. This is Deconstructed Berry Cheesecake. I'm not even a cheesecake person and I thought this was great.

This guy was hanging out on the front of the boat :)

After dinner we wandered down the river. We found what we believe is the site of the future Titanic museum and the ship yard where the Titanic was built.

These were under an overpass. There were tons of them and they were all really awesome.

The main street in town after all of the shops closed.

The opera house.

The next day we got up bright and early and headed out on our second attempt at the Giants Causeway tour.

This guy is pretty serious about his fishing. He is out there EVERY DAY, rain or shine ;)

This is one of the tents for the production crew for the show Game of Thrones. It's being filmed at the cliffs where the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge is.


The stairs straight into the ocean. Well, not really, but is sure looks like it!

Sun! What is going on?!?

We decided not to cross the bridge (I've done it before and Mom had no interest in it cost extra money) so instead we walked around the area and it was beautiful.

At the Causeway we ordered lunch from the restaurant up there (good thing since the cafe doesn't really exist at the moment since they are building a new visitor's centre). I got the Causeway burger. It was very good, but no condiments (weird), so I put my coleslaw on it. Turned out pretty darn good.

Mom went with the steak and Guinness pie again.

Mom was really happy to be back in tolerable weather!

Still a bit windy though...hence my hair problems.

Up on the hillside there you can see the Organ formation. We decided that since the weather was good we'd go up to it this time.

The Causeway looks so small from up here! (it's the bit of land that's sticking out on the right side of the picture next to my head)

The Giant's Boot.

Most relaxing stop of the tour: Bushmills Distillery. Mom got an Irish Coffee.

This was the place that Mom REALLY wanted to see. It's Dunluce Castle and the kitchen fell into the sea during a dinner party.

One quick stop for a pretty picture and then we were headed back to Belfast.

 It was definitely worth it to have another go at this tour. The weather was MUCH better and we had a great time!

The next morning we got up early and (barely) made the bus back to Cork for the last few days of Mom's time in Ireland.

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