Saturday, October 1, 2011


After getting things set up in Cork, we left on our tour through Ireland. The first stop that we made was in Galway. Last time we were here we took a tour of the Burren, so this time we took the Connemara tour and it was definitely worth it!

But before we took our tour we wanted to spend a little time in Galway. Due to crazy weather we weren't able to do much, but we did get to enjoy a great street performance (a band called Key West...they were really good and I ended up buying one of their cds) and a walk out by the water. Like I mentioned, the weather was crazy, but it was still beautiful!

We even got to see a rainbow!

But by the end of the walk I was a bit soaked and windblown.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Jalapeno. As the name suggests, it was a Mexican restaurant and I must say that they at least made an effort. Definitely nowhere near authentic, but at least it had some spice!

The first thing we got was an order of poppers! Soooo good. And the salsa was delicious too!

For my main dish I got a chicken and jalapeno sandwich. Very good and very spicy.

Mom ordered the steak sandwich, but got it with tortillas instead of the roll so hers was a little more on the authentic side (but not much).

Very cutely decorated inside.

The next day we were off on our Connemara tour and our first stop was the Ross Errily Friary.

Cows :)

Next up we stopped at Cong Village.

We had to stop on our way to the next destination to feed Mr. Horse :)

One of the cute little stops we made on the tour.

For lunch we stopped at Kylemore Abbey. It was pouring so we decided to save some money and not actually go up to the Abbey and instead we went to lunch and took pictures from a little way away.

For lunch we had steak and Guinness casserole. It was really good, but came with a lot of potatoes... Mom got all of mine.

Kylemore Abbey

The last stop on the tour was Quiet Man Bridge.

Mom does not look happy in this picture and I find it hilarious.

Back at the hostel Mom made herself a bit of a hovel out of the bunk bed.

She thoroughly enjoyed it.

So our trip back to Galway was a success! It was a bit rainy, but we still had a great day and got to see some beautiful Irish scenery!

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marbea said...

Oh I loved this tour, and our driver, Michael Rooney. He told us great stories and sang us songs. A real Irish treat. And Cong Village also is where scenes from the Quiet Man were filmed. I think that interested me more than you. This was a fun day. I can still see the piles of peat in my mind.