Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Ich bin ein Berliner"

"I am a donut."
...or at least that's one translation of it.

We had far too much fun with the German language while we were there.

We only spent one full day in Berlin, which is a shame because there was so much to see. I would love to go back sometime. Sadly, somehow a chunk of my pictures from that day deleted themselves, but nothing too major. Just means that this post is quite a bit shorter than the rest.

We arrived in Berlin in the late afternoon and after settling into our hostel and changing our clothes (it was so hot there!) we went out and found a place for dinner. We ended up at a restaurant/bar nearby with some very nice seating outside. We were informed that Happy Hour was going on so cocktails were 5E. We each got one to go with our dinner. I got the Blue Champagne.

For my meal I had a feta, salad and tomato sandwich. So good!

The next day began with us trying to find our way to the Berlin Wall. We started by going the wrong direction, but it was fine because we found some beautiful buildings!

Eventually we were just walking down a street and glance to the side and bam, there's the wall.

After the wall we went back to the middle of town where all of the stores and things are. On the way we found more beautiful buildings.

Just past the center of town we were walking and noticed a weird change in the sidewalk...then we realized that it was the marker of where the wall once stood.

At lunch we were sitting in a cafe and noticed a difference in the wood in part of the room. Again it was a marker of where the wall had been.

This little ice cream truck was the most hilarious thing we saw, especially considering how talk the Germans are. No idea how one of them fit in there.

Walking through the Holocaust Memorial. The sign for it calls it the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. That names seems a bit more powerful.

The memorial from the outside.

Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan gave his "Tear down this wall" speach.

The museum about a block from the gate.

After this we went back to our hostel and bought some groceries and ate dinner there. Nothing to special. We definitely all wish that we could see more of it, but I'm so happy to have gotten to go!

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marbea said...

Too bad about deleted pictures but these you have on here are great!

Interesting about the Wall and The Murdered Jews Museum is impressive.

Must say I am loving all these entries, I will be bummed when you finish.

Love you