Friday, April 24, 2009

"I called you from Paris..."

" tell you that I wrote our names on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower." (song by the Ataris that I had stuck in my head the whole time we were at the Eiffel Tower)

Really, I just called my parents, and it wasn't from the Eiffel Tower, it was from the Louvre, and it cost me over $100. Long story. Hopefully cleared up now though.

Paris was the city that we spent the most time in and therefore I have far too many pictures of it. I have edited it down to just 55. Enjoy!

This is the first thing that we saw when we stepped out of the Metro station on the first morning.

Then we were just walking down the street toward the river and all of the sudden we look over and there's the Eiffel Tower!

After breakfast we wandered a bit and came across a beautiful church in the middle of a neighborhood.

For lunch I got a delicious sandwich from a street vendor.

I keeping with the wandering we found Luxembourg.

The grounds were beautiful!

Along the river there are these book vendors everywhere. Very interesting to browse.

Notre Dame.

More vendors on the other side of the river. These ones had more touristy things to sell. I was looking at books at one stall and the guy came up and asked where I was from and I told him that I live in Ireland. He then told me that Gaelic was his first language. I knew he was lying because a. he was Extremely French and b. no one EVER calls it Gaelic if they grew up learning it. So, to call his bluff I started speaking to him in Irish. It worked perfectly. He promised me a good deal on a book and left me alone. I suspect he knew that I was American and figured that he could impress me or something.

The mini Arc de Triomphe in front of the Louvre.

Pretty walkway.

On the second day (Easter Sunday) we went to the Eiffel Tower. We were walking, turned a corner and all of the sudden it was just there.

View from the first level.

Same view from the second level (we took the stairs the whole way...695 steps...not fun).

The actual Arc de Triomphe as seen from the 2nd deck.

The walk down was much more pleasant. We stopped back on the first deck for a coffee and a snack, then made our way down the rest of the seemingly never-ending stairs.

Random grassy park thing next to the river on the way to the Louvre.

The obelisque.

My absolutely delicious banana nutella crepe!

The Louvre!

Not quite sure why I like this one so much, but the mischievous cat is amusing.

Paris at dusk.

The 3rd day we met up with our friend from our Irish class, Christina, who is from just outside of Paris. Her mother works as a security guard around the touristy areas and was able to get us all tickets for a boat tour! After we met up with her we started by walking up to the Arc de Triomphe.

On the boat! Left to right: Christina, Jenna, Alex.

Left to right: Kelly, Laura, Me.

Weird car on the back of a boat.

The back of Notre Dame.

Another crepe!

I found the internet cafe that my dad and I used when we were in Paris.

I also found the park that we ate lunch in one day.

The Modern Art Museum. Very strange.

Dinner out with a friend of Kelly's who is studying in Paris. This is some sort of French sausage with a mustard dipping sauce.

Paris at night!

The light show at the Eiffel Tower! Every hour they make it sparkle for 5 minutes.

So that was Paris! It was lovely and the weather was fairly nice the whole time. Cloudy at the worst. Definitely a great time had by all!

Soon I'll start posting the other cities. They probably wont be as extensive since we only had one solid day in each. Next up, Berlin!

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marbea said...

Well your time in Paris looked beautiful. Makes me angry as it brings up memories of when I was there and it was not fun, what w/ 3 bombs that went off in as many days!

But when we got your postcard I could finally say I had been to all the scenes on the card!