Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Destination: Madrid!

Our first official stop was in Madrid. Sadly we didn't get much done here because we spent most of our time searching for the bus station so that we could get to Barcelona the next day. Laura aptly described the experience in this way: I feel like just gave Madrid a quick high-five on the way to the party in Barcelona. I wish that we had been able to see more of the city, but we still had an enjoyable time there...and there was sun!

This is the street that our hostel was on.

This is the restaurant/bar that we at lunch at. Took us until we were walking away from the restaurant to figure out that it was a gay bar, but hey, they still had really good food.

Just one of the pretty big streets.

We believe that this was some sort of museum, but we never figured it out for sure (we didn't really have a map of Madrid, we were going off of an internet print out).

This is the inside of the train station! So beautiful!

They even had turtles!

The outside isn't as exciting.

A lot of the streets looked like this. Narrow and steep.

We decided to just go to a grocery store (and oh man, was that an experience!) and get food to make dinner at the hostel. Some nice people from New Zealand took a group shot for us.

Jenna found this on the inside of her luggage locker. Interesting...

So, that was Madrid. Like I mentioned, it was pretty much just a quick high-five. We got in around noon on Monday and our bus for Barcelona left at 6 am the next morning so we didn't really get a feel for the city, but none of us are too concerned about it. We still got to go!

In other totally random news, I am extremely happy to be back in my flat and able to cook my own food again! I just made myself a lovely lunch of a spinach, tomato and cheese omelette with toast. Though we had a lot of meals out at restaurants and the like, we also had a lot of meals of cereal or granola bars in our hostels, so being able to actually cook something tasty is a luxury that I sorely missed.

I'll see if I can put together at least one more post today. Look for an update soon!

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marbea said...

Cute outfit you've got on, I like it. Can't wait for more!!!

love you {and your dad is working on the problem, you have given him a project! :) }