Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home (Cork Style)

Well, it seems that my epic Eurotrip is over. I cant quite believe it. It seems like just a couple of days ago that I was sleeping in Dublin airport before jetting off to Spain, but in reality that was nearly 3 weeks ago and in that time I've traveled on 5 planes, 2 trains and 1 bus to visit 6 cities in 5 countries. CRAZY.

On a side note, I was bored on the last flight home to Cork and figured out my travel history. By 4 June 2009 I will have flown 36 times and been to 17 countries (the current count is 33 flights and 16 countries). Bit of a far cry from the girl who had never flown or traveled anywhere that cant be reached in a car until she was 15. Funny part is that I've still never been to a country that borders the US, especially amusing considering Santa Barbara's fairly close proximity to Mexico.

Coming back to Cork was a bit like coming back to reality. Little to no hot water, faulty internet connection (hence why I haven't updated before now), finals to study for, grocery shopping to do, boys to yell at for leaving us a biohazard in the kitchen, etc. The weather has even been true to its Irish core. When we landed it was cold and mostly cloudy, then it started raining the next morning and hasn't stopped since. Despite all of this it's still great to be back in my own bed in my own room, with my own shower and clean clothes (we all went 17 days wearing only what we could fit into a carry-on bag and never did laundry...needless to say we all stank by the end of it, but before we even left we promised that we wouldn't get on each others cases for being "janky and stanky" all of the trip, if you smelled, more power to you).

The good news is that on this trip I got some color back, thanks to the wonderful European sun. I even have a tanline on my foot from my sandals!

I also have a bit of a farmer's tan, but no one needs to see that. The sad part is seeing what color my skin was before this trip. I dont think I've ever been so white before. It's kinda creepy.

Well, now that the internet seems to be taking pitty on me and working for an extended period of time I'll start trying to put up posts with pictures and stories from all of the different cities. Anything to help me procrastinate! (Don't worry, I AM studying, and my first final isn't for two weeks)


marbea said...

I recognize that well traveled foot!

blueryder said...

Woweezowee. What a time!