Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Nothing is real 'til it's gone..."

Well, it's official. Ireland is over. And it's crazy late here but I cant sleep, so here is one last post.

Last Wednesday night we went out for one last dinner at Amicus. Left to right: Alex, Laura, Diana, Kelly, Jenna.

After dinner we went to Eddie Rocket's (just like Johny Rocket's in the States) for milkshakes.

Thursday night: Alex's last night.

Also Travis's last night.

Friday: Laura's last night.

Also Liz and Allie's last night. (Liz is between me and Jenna and Allie is the one in the back middle).

Also Patrick's last night.

And Jake's.

Yup, and Nathalie's too.

On Saturday my friend Andrew came into town! First person I have seen from home in 9 months...crazy!

Monday: Mrijan's last night.

Tuesday: Toni's last night.

Not Marina's last night, but the last time that I saw her.

Also, the last night that I saw Caroline. (on the left)

This was about...2 hours ago...maybe 3. It's my last pint of Beamish at the Thirsty Scholar.

About an hour and a half ago. My last drink in Ireland, a Baby Guinness at the Old Oak. The Old Oak was the first bar I ever went to in Ireland so I thought that it would be appropriate to end my time here at the same bar.

My luggage! In about 3 hours and 15 minutes I will be leaving my apartment with my whole life for the past 9 months packed into these three bags. CRAZY.

So that's the end. I'll probably do a quick update once I get home, but I'm making no promises.

I guess this is goodbye...

"...a life you don't live is still lost, so stand on the edge with me, hold back your fear and see, nothing is real 'til it's gone..."


Dart Veider said...
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marbea said...

hmm... about the first comment.

your update made me cry but at least you are back in your flat.

don't miss your taxi!!!!!!

love you

Andrew from IV and DP?