Monday, June 1, 2009


As you probably know, I went to Galway a couple of weeks ago. I was supposed to go with a friend who was supposed to visit me from home, but she couldn't make it so instead I roped my friend Amanda into going with me.

This is the main shopping street. Very cute.

A little park over by the Spanish Arch.

An awesome mural on the side of a pub.

The river that runs through the city.

Inside of one of the main cathedral's in the city.

This is the same one from across the river.

I found jalapeno poppers!!!

Went for a little walk along the coast.

It's a beach! Not much of a beach, but still a beach.

I'm not actually sure what these buildings are, but they tend to show up on postcards a lot.

Fish chowder and brown bread for dinner!

These are the Irish girls who stayed in our room at the hostel. Their names are Aimee, Aisling, Mary-Clare, Marie-Therese and Imogen.

Looking back at the harbor we just left on our way to the Aran Islands.

Some cliffs on Inis Mór, the largest island.

Some people were trying to look over the edge...I wasnt quite that daring.

Looking back down the path that we took up to Dún Aonghasa, the fort up on the cliffs.

The cute little cafe where we had lunch.

This is at a site called the Seven Churches. I'm not quite sure why they call it that because there are only 2 churches on it now, but it was still pretty cool.

The four Roman saints buried here.

The one and only beach on Inis Mór.

This guy is Greg and he's sitting with Imogen. He's from up near Sacramento. We all hung out for a while the second night in Galway.

The castle thing at the Cliffs of Moher.


So, that was my lovely trip to Galway. Next up is the trip I took with Caroline up to Belfast.

In other news, the weather here the past few days has been AMAZING. It has hit at least 70º F every day. Yesterday it was so lovely that I decided to get a bagel sandwich (the veggie supreme: goat cheese, spinach, roasted peppers and pesto on a sun-dried tomato bagel) and a blended mocha and I took it and sat in a park in the city centre to eat. It was a very nice little break from running around trying to wrap everything up over here. The weather is supposed to be the same today, then turn to rain tomorrow after I leave. Well, I'm going to go work on that next post in between spurts of cleaning the bathroom and my room.

Just 36 hours until I'm back in the States...

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marbea said...

Yahoo!!! an update!
Galway looked amazing and I am so glad Amanda agreed to go. Would have been a shame to miss. And the pic of you in Galway-it's going on the mantel.
and the Cliffs, again, amazing.

love you, I am sure tomorrow at this time we will be driving to LAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ditishik, my word verification- my fav so far