Saturday, January 31, 2009


I finally got my act together and have the first round of pictures from my Christmas trip.

This is actually in Dublin in front of the post office on O'Connell Street.

Grafton Street all decked out for Christmas.

Snow somewhere in Germany (on our way to Frankfurt).

My delicious lunch in the Frankfurt airport! "Pork schnitzel with beer sauce, onions and bacon, served with french fries"

Had to try some beer. This one was Bitburger.

We got popcorn from the popcorn machine. We were here for 9 hours, we had to find stuff to do.

The National Museum in Prague!
This is an old street car that the converted into a cafe. We got coffee here one afternoon.

We sampled the food at the Christmas market in the Old Town Square.

The market.

That's the Praha caste up at the top of the hill.

The Rudolfinum.

The John Lennon Wall, the only legal place for graffiti in the city.

The view of Prague while walking up to the castle.

The changing of the guard at the castle.

The cathedral inside of the castle.

You cant see it well in this picture, but the view was absolutely incredible.

Trdelník, this Christmasy thing they sold everywhere. This kind was dough rolled in sugar, vanilla, toffee, almond, and nuts.

This is the back garden/courtyard at our hostel.

And this was our room/cottage.

This is a statue in a mall that was made by this one artist that has his work all over the city.

Another Christmas market.

The best dinner of the trip! This was at the Olympia, the restaurant that dad and I ate at when we were there. This dish was "Moravian 'Sparrows' Pieces of pork with garlic and onion, bread and bacon dumplings, red and white cabbage." It's the same dish that I got last time and I still loved it. Amanda got the same thing and talked about it the rest of our trip. It was definitely worth the trek across the river in the rain that night.

The local beer: Pilsner.

Yeah...I had a bit of a shoe disaster in Praha. My rain boots didnt hold up so well...

The Astronomical Clock.

Trying hot wine.

The Old Town Square market at night.

On our last morning when we were just about to leave it started snowing! You cant see it in this picture, but it was awesome :)

So there you go! Pictures from the first leg of my trip. Up next will be Vienna, though I dont know how soon that will be.

We're going to Malta this week and I'm super excited for it, so I'm sure I'll be even more behind on posting after that.


marbea said...

The food looks so good-my favorite food so far. We need to get those recipes! so that you'll eat pork other than chile verde!!!
I love your "room".
Good thing you'll be under the drinking age when you get home, you'll have time to dry out.

life in red shoes said...

I mirror your Mothers comment young lady!