Sunday, February 1, 2009

On to Vienna...

We're leaving tomorrow night for our trip so I most likely wont get another post in before that (there'll be at least one more for Budapest). So, here's Vienna!

I got bored on the train from Prague to Vienna so I got my camera out and started messing with settings and such so I have a bunch of weird pictures out the window.

We passed through tons of snow and stuff but I didnt get any good pictures of it :(

This was the outside of a little market a few buildings down from our hostel.

Part of the main street of the city the night we got there.

On our first day we spent a ton of time out at Sch├Ânbrunn Palace.

There was a cute Christmas market there, as well as a huge Christmas tree.

We didnt want to spend 10E for a tour of the inside (plus a 75 minute wait until the tour actually started) so we spent all of our time in the gardens.

I messed around with b&w quite a bit due to the cloudy/rainy weather.

This was the Columbary. It was where they kept the pigeons.

When we were leaving we passed by the Christmas tree again and there was a choir performing.

This is in the city centre. We spent about an hour walking around and found a cute little cafe for some much needed coffee.

We saw a postcard in one of the tourist shops that had a picture of town hall all decked out for Christmas so we decided to go look and see if it would be like that this year. We got there and were completely amazed. It was the biggest, most beautiful Christmas market yet. They even had rides and stuff for the kids!

The next day we left our hostel early so that we could take the underground over to the other side of town before our 24 hr pass ran out. The plan was just to wander our way back over the course of the day hoping to find things that we wouldn't necessarily have sought out. We started out at Stadtpark.

Eventually we started making our way back toward the city centre when we happened to glance down a street and saw the side of this building. We backtracked and found our way to the front of it (discovering a huge Ferrari store and the US Consulate on the way). We never did figure out what this was (we think it was a super high-end hotel), but it was definitely cool to look at.

Fun old car.

We saw this off in the distance and went to investigate...

...and we found yet another Christmas market, this time complete with a petting zoo and pony rides! (I also saw 2 cocker spaniels here...)

We were really hungry from all of our wandering at this point and decided to try something that wasnt just a sausage. We still dont know what it was that we ordered (we just chose menu items at random (from the German menu) and waited to see what we'd get). We ended up with these flatbread things baked in this big wood-burning oven. Mine had cheese and garlic and Amanda's had some meat that tasted a bit like rashers (essentially bacon).

They have these George Clooney billboards every where advertizing Nespresso. He does commercials too. I dont know if they have them in the States, but we get them in Ireland. Oh, and they have Nespresso cafe's everywhere in this part of Europe. We almost went to one in Vienna thinking that they'd be really cheap, but then we found out that they charge the same as anywhere else, if not more, so we found a more local place instead.

This is somewhere near the museums quarter. I think it's a palace, but I'm not positive.

This is the Christmas market in the museums quarter. I believe that this is the Science History Museum.

I'm pretty sure that's the Art History Museum.

The boring cube is the one that we went to. It's called the Leopold Museum. We chose to go there because they have a permenant Gustav Klimt exhibit (I'm attached to his work because we did a replica of his painting, The Kiss, at the chalk art festival at the mission my senior year of high school).

As you can tell we got around in Vienna. There were Christmas markets everywhere! They're pretty fun. At the ones in Vienna if you buy a hot wine/cider/chocolate/tea it comes in an actual mug that you have to put down 3E on then you can decide whether you want to keep it or give it back (then they give you back the money). Amanda kept hers from the town hall market and gave it to her aunt for Christmas. I never got one because I was trying to save money. They were pretty cool though.

In other news, it's been snowing here for the past couple of days!! Nothing crazy like in London, but it's still fun. I had a great time walking home in the snow last night. I had been at Tesco so I had to cross St Patrick Street to get home and it was sooo pretty. There was snow swirling everywhere and it was dusk so the lights were all on and for some reason there were almost no cars and very few people so it was just really peaceful. I was absolutely loving it. Also, when i woke up this morning all of the rooftops were covered in snow (which was pretty much gone by the time I actually left for class) and up at college there was still snow on the cars and on the ground, especially in the parks. It was awesome. I have just a couple of pictures of it from last night, but its still cool. I realized that I had forgotten my camera today right when I left my building so I dont have any from this morning. Right now the sun is actually out, but it was snowing about 30 minutes ago. I'm loving it! And it will make me appreciate the 60┬║ weather in Malta all that much more!

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marbea said...

Parks and gardens, hmmmmmm... wonder where you got the taste for them! So very pretty and I won't tell Star you went to them w/out her. You sound so happy w/ the snow. Very cool, be safe this weekend!