Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Weekend Away...Part 2

Here just a few pictures from the Arthur Seat Walk. Arthur Seat is an extinct volcano in the middle of Edinburgh. It is the highest point in the city. It was amazing. The hike to the top was definitely worth it to see the city from that vantage point. If you're ever in Scotland, I recommend you go here. It's not an easy walk (ok, lets be serious, it's a hike), but it's totally and completely worth it in the end.

We started out by walking down High Street.

This was part of a wedding party. There were two marriages at the castle that we knew of that day.

This is a crazy Smart Car. Kinda like a really little pick-up truck, only kinda deformed.

The Scottish Parliament building. No one from Edinburgh likes it. I dont blame them.

This is the first view we got of where were were going. From here it didn't look to bad. Pretty easy in fact.

Then we came around the bend and saw the peak in the distance...that's where we were hiking to.

At first it looked pretty easy, just a bit of a slope.

A view of the city (there will be lots of these).

A HUGE slug. They were all over.

Another part of the city over there (though it looks like water almost).

So pretty...

The guy is Thomas (the stepson of the EAP director at Edinburgh) and the girl is Maria (another girl in the program). Above Thomas' head is Arthur Seat.

Thomas and Hilary.

More pretty landscape revealed.

Thomas, Hilary, Maria, and Amanda.

Still a little way to go...

The other side of the city.

Not too far now...

So close!

We made it!!! (left to right: Thomas, Amanda, me, Maria, Hilary)

So stylish with the pants rolled up, but it was super muddy on the trail (it rained earlier that day) so we were trying to avoid getting it all over our pants.

Just a small part of the incredible view from up there.

And then we had to go back down...

The "stairs" down. I'm just glad we didn't try to take them up there.

Looking back at the peak.

And there you go! Yay pictures! Like I said before, I will explain more tomorrow, but this was just a sneak peak. I also have 2 videos from the top that I'll post before I head to bed (in another post).

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life in red shoes said...

Absolutly beautiful, glad you made it to the top! The slugs, they remind me of that scene in Harry Potter when Ron throws up!