Sunday, December 11, 2011


The last stop on the archaeology society trip was Clonmacnoise. This is pretty much the best preserved ecclesiastical site in Ireland. And it is BEAUTIFUL.

This is the ruins of a tower house near Clonmacnoise.

This statue represents how many of the people were feeling that morning. Thankfully, I left the pub early the night before with a few others, so we spent a lot of the day making fun of everyone else.

Inside of the museum they have the original high crosses that this site is so famous for. The ones now standing outside are replicas so that the originals dont continue to age.

Dont let the sunny sky deceive was FREEZING.

This is one of the replica high crosses.

This is the whispering arch. It was so that people could go to confession and stand on either side of the arch and whisper to each other without passing along diseases.

Two of the girls on the trip demonstrated.

The other high cross replica.

And as we left we made friends with a local dog that tried to make it onto the bus with us!

That's the end of the society field trip. It was quite a long weekend, but it was definitely awesome!

I will try to get one more post finished before I head out in just...3 hours!!!

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