Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Someone is scheming...

This is a totally random post that I am making to 1. procrastinate and 2. warn you all that there may be a post in the next couple of days with me absolutely freaking out. Now, you all remember our boys from last semester? If you dont, go look them up on my post (Saying Goodbye to Our Boys...or something like that) so that you know who I'm talking about because I dont have enough time to re-explain them. Today it was brought to our attention (mostly on Facebook) that there is scheming going on. It could be nothing, but it also could be a big huge SOMETHING. Here's what we know right now:

Today I got home from class and checked my Facebook and saw that Dan had written on Jenna's wall (pretty much it just means he sent her a message that is viewable by anyone as opposed to a private message that only they can read). It read:

Hey Jenna! How have you been? I miss you.
BTW, are you going to be at your apartment tomorrow afternoon? Are you going anywhere after classes end? When are you leaving?

Now, I found the apartment part to be odd, but I figured that he just wanted to talk to her or Skype or something. I noticed that he was online so I messaged him to sass him about why he wanted to know if Jenna would be home. Instead of the simple explanation I expected he said something along the lines of (I'm paraphrasing because I closed the window and cant get back to what he said unless he comes back online):

There may or may not be something or nothing that may or may not be possibly maybe arriving at your apartment tomorrow afternoon, maybe.

Naturally, I was intrigued and asked what he was talking about but he wouldn't say what it was, only that it was for all of us. He then asked for my number saying it was because "they" would need to call me to be let in.

So, that is all of the info I had as of about 4 pm today. Since then I have consulted with the girls and we have set about trying to find out what's going on. We have come up with 3 possible things that he's plotting:

1. He is sending us a special package that is being delivered at a specific time.

2. He is ordering us Papa Johns (long story, but a bit of an inside joke).


3. One of our boys is coming back to Ireland.

Obviously, the 3rd option is the best, but the 1st is the most likely. So, we decided to investigate.

Kelly went onto Facebook (we were all up at her apartment studying for our Irish exam in the morning when I brought this up with them) and saw that Matt was online so she sent him the message "Where are you???" and he said that he was in class for a midterm review. She then proceeded to explain herself and he said that he knows what Dan is plotting, but he wont say what it is. We dont believe that he (Matt) would be coming because he is super broke right now (something that he's always complaining about) and we dont think that it's Dan himself because he just had his spring break last week and spent it in Cancun so probably cant travel again that soon. Next we started Facebook stalking the rest of our boys and uncovered a suspicious status (you can say stuff like "Tacy Kennedy is tired of studying for exams and writing papers but at least they are over in 2 days!" which is my status right now). This is what Dooley's said:

Mike Dooley is thanks so much! I cant wait to see you too!

Now, we dont know who this is directed towards, but it is awfully suspicious since he and Dan are still super close and all of the boys seem to know what the surprise is but they aren't saying what's going on.

In conclusion, we are getting a surprise tomorrow that will most likely be a package (or some other delivery)...or Dooley will be arriving at our apartment tomorrow afternoon! In any case I'm sure that whatever is coming will be amazing, if for no other reason than the boys miss us and think of us enough to send us a special surprise.

We are all now freaking out over here. It's like the anticipation of Christmas when you're a kid...only better.

We all get excited when there's a possibility of seeing our friends who we haven't seen in a long time, but if it were to be one of our boys...we have all agreed that we will cry and scream because, though this semester has been awesome and we have great new friends, nothing and noone can replace those boys and the amazing times we had with them. There is a bond there that is way different than any other friendship we've had in our lives.

Whatever the big surprise ends up being I'll make sure to let you all know!

Now back to studying...

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