Monday, January 12, 2009

Side Note

Ok, this is pretty much for grandma k. Just wanted to let you know that I got the check and the letters (the room # doesnt matter because all of the mail for the apt goes into the same box, so as long as the apt # is correct I'm getting it). Also, I wasn't able to deposit it before my trip because by the time I got it the banks were closed for the weekend, but it's all done now. Sorry I had to mention this on here, but it seems that you haven't been getting my emails (no idea why) and my calling card is out of minutes. Sorry!

To everyone: I'm still working on the pictures of my trip but in the next couple of days I'll work on putting up just some basic pictures of Cork and my friends and our adventures here.

1 comment:

marbea said...

Hi sweetie!
I check everyday in anticipation of pictures. Can't wait.

Love you much,oh, and Star sends a sloppy kiss to thank you for her truffles.