Monday, October 13, 2008

Spanish/American Dinner Party!

Ok, so...2 weeks ago (has it seriously been that long???) we had a dinner party at our apartment where everyone made something from their country. We had an amazing time! I think that we had around 30 people at its peak (which will interestingly enough be somewhat repeated later this week for our big bday bash). The food was absolutely amazing! We just had the best time. I love the Spanish kids. They are all so friendly and fun to hang around with! I seriously have amazing friends here!

So, this isn't everyone at the party, but it's got a lot of us.

Skipping back to before the party started. We were watching the X Factor (UK version of American Idol) as we cleaned the living room and rearranged the furniture.

Our resident performers.

This was before we brought in the extra table from apt 13 (which was quite the sight when they were trying to explain to our landlord why we needed an extra table in our apt for the night).

Jenna finishing up her AMAZING red wine risotto.

Tono and Toni!

Jenna and her risotto!

Laura and her mac and cheese!

The crazy amounts of food. I think that we're still missing about 10 dishes in this pic.

For desert I made a pie. It's kind of lemon meringue, but instead of the meringue I used chocolate sauce, then froze it, so it was a nice light desert after all of the other food.

The food disappeared pretty darn fast...

After dinner we started dancing! I think we're doing the Cha Cha Slide here.


Toni and Toni!

"German Dancing" according to Patrick. This move was called "pick the mushrooms." I have the distinct feeling that Patrick was messing with us...

After the party a bunch of us went to a pub called An Brog for some dancing.

The Redbull Truck was outside of An Brog. It parks on our campus a lot and gives out free Redbull. Good times.

So, that was one of our fun parties. In addition to the Cha Cha Slide we also did the Macarena and some Spanish song that involved a lot of yelling. It was great fun. Ok, next up...Dublin!

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